Welcome to Coffee Automatico.

     Coffee Automatico started its journey from humble beginnings as a small coffee machine & coffee product business specialising in
corporate and commercial business relationships.

      In 2011 we expanded to include a new location at 715 Plenty Rd, Reservoir to bring sales to the domestic public via a new showroom.

     Not long after commencing the huge DIY renovation work of the old ‘Op Shop’ building in 2012
did the locals begin to let us know what they were craving…

     The (risky) decision was made to change the business plan to cater to the requests of the people…
A Decent Cafe… the rest is history.

Here at Coffee Automatico we are all about premium product which translates into
premium taste and in the long run the best value for your money.

What drives us

Not all coffee and coffee machines are created equal, but the science behind the perfect cup and how to achieve it every time is simple…
good coffee beans, the right water temperature, the correct pressure,
good coffee beans and a quality machine that remembers each and every single time…!

We don’t think it should be hard to own the perfect coffee.
There are so many complicated, fancy looking, technology packed machines that you can watch YouTube on or check the temperature on the moon….
which is great if that’s what you want, but to the average Joe who just wants a good cup of coffee, what does it all mean?

So we set out to help our customers cut through the marketing hype and get themselves a good quality coffee and a good reliable machine.